Donating Your Old Truck To A Trade School

Before they can be employed in automotive shops across the country, aspiring mechanics must first complete some basic training. Many future mechanics spend time learning how to properly diagnose and repair vehicles by enrolling in trade school courses.

If you want to do your part to ensure that the next generation of mechanics have the knowledge and experience needed to service the cars and trucks that come through their shops, you should consider donating your old truck to a trade school.

Here are two easy steps to help get you started with the donation process.

1. Run a diagnostic test on your vehicle.

If you are getting rid of your old truck because it isn't running properly, then you will need to have a basic idea of the mechanical problems plaguing your truck before trying to donate it to a trade school. Taking the vehicle to your local automotive shop or auto parts store to have a diagnostic test run can be beneficial.

These tests require that an experienced individual connect your truck to a small computerized diagnostic tool. A code (or codes) will be produced that let you know what's wrong with your truck. You can use this information to find a trade school that needs to teach its students to make those specific repairs.

2. Make sure your donation is a tax write-off.

In addition to getting the pleasure that comes from knowing you helped out the automotive students in your area, donating your vehicle to a trade school can provide you with some tax benefits as well. The IRS allows you to write off charitable donations that you make throughout the year when you file your income taxes. These write-offs can reduce your tax burden, but only if they are made to approved entities.

The IRS requires that the trade school you donate your old truck to be registered as a 501(c)3 organization if you want to write-off your donation next tax season. Be sure to contact the trade schools in your area to inquire about whether or not they have been recognized as having 501(c)3 status through the IRS before making a decision for where to donate your old truck.

Finding a trade school like Newgate School that can make good use of your old truck can be a great way to get it out of your driveway. Be sure you know what is wrong with the truck prior to donation, and ensure that the school you work with is recognized by the IRS so that you can deduct the donation from your taxes.